Our Stuff

Do we have to brag? Seriously? Well…. ok.


Purpose built studio, entirely double-walled, with air gap plus acoustic insulation between; average wall at any point is 12″ thick. Recording booth is room-within-a-room, acoustically isolated, floated, and suspended. Bass traps throughout, including the main control room/listening room. Walls and ceiling enhanced with custom panels of Owens Corning 703 acoustic insulation for maximum high frequency absorption.

Top of the line studio recording equipment, including AKG 414 vintage studio condenser mics, as well as Neumann and Sennheiser shotgun mics. If you prefer to wear headphones, we have the best.

Listen to your playback over massive vintage Westlake TM1 monitors, for the clearest, cleanest sound in existence. For the übergeeks who want to know, these are from Westlake’s Reference Series, their highest end, and contain TAD 4001 Mid frequency horns, TAD 1601B woofers, and JBL2405 tweeters. They weigh 300 pounds.  Each. 

More stuff to geek out about:
Summit Tube Leveling Amp – TLA 100A
Sontec DRC 202 Limiter
Neotek mic pre-amps
MOTU 2408 interface
AKG BX20 reverb
Furman power conditioners

A boatload of vintage recording equipment you can gawk at (professional tape decks, etc) – nobody uses it anymore because everything is digital, but it’s fun to have around as reminders of where we got our start. Eight track recording, anyone? Who remembers splicing with a razor and little bits of tape?

Software & Services:

• All Mac based digital systems 
• ProTools, plus Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition for those who prefer.
• Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects, for combining audio tracks with video, as well as for ADR.
• Millions of soundtracks and music beds.
• Access to an almost infinite amount of music and SFX through online services we pay for.
•  Our own “stable” of musicians and voice talent to enhance your projects.

High speed fibre-optic Internet
Bonded dual-band ISDN
SourceConnect, for point to point like you’re in the same room.





Extra Benefits rarely found elsewhere:

  • Completely private setting on 3+ acres of green, tree-studded land.
  • Parking area the size of a basketball court, because it is a basketball court.
  • Large outdoor patio for meetings, brainstorming, or just soaking up some vitamin D on a break.
  • Large, well-maintained swimming pool, open May–September.
  • Your selection of “therapy dogs,” meaning Abby, Reggie, Snickers, and Joey. Snickers is the one at the top of our website. All rescues, and all complete love-bugs. They are studio dogs, and seem to always know to be quiet when we are recording.
  • Water, soft drinks of every kind, hot coffee, hot tea, and snacks – all free, here for you to enjoy.
  • Well-stocked and comfortable “green room” for your guests or for meetings.